Also known as: Edgar, Dogish, Ornie (Ernie with a Russian accent) and Whitey Ford.

He’s the newest member of the Home Zoo and the first canine! The Lady had been whining for a dog for several years and would stalk white italian greyhounds either online or around the hood. Ernie showed up at a local rescue place that we both walk by all the time and we decided to foster him. He stayed a nite and then went back for the weekend. We picked him up that Monday and he never went back.

He’s incredible sweet, “the best dog ever”… he follows The Lady around and just lays near her desk. He barks like once a week. A total stow-a-way, like Anne Frank. He doesn’t really care about the cats too much and they don’t mind him either. Although occasionally when he gets playful he chases Mommie, which is pretty funny considering she’s the most nervous cat in the house.

He’s got a large schlong and is not fixed. He’s about 4-5 according the vet so we decided not to fix him since he’s not aggressive and he doesn’t lift his leg in house (there’s a good story about that… it will get added here eventually).