A black and white cat in planted pot on a fire escape

Also known as: Mary Catherine Gallagher, The Talent, The Beauty, Alexis.

She came to us as Special from a 99cent store in our old neighborhood. I fell in love with her on sight and told the nice store owners that I would take her in a second. Turns out the husband was allergic so we were in luck, of course, other people wanted her but we got her first.

Gallagher is really smart… the tortured genius. She doesn’t like other cats and is self obsessed. She always wants to be chased and she will meow at you until you pay attention to her. She also has phases of being “a cutter” (over grooming). She is the most expressive cuddler you’ll ever snuggle with, but with Gallagher it always ends in rabbit kicking.

No, not see me.The TalentCoat NapYes, it's me, Mary Catherine Gallagher