Also known as: The Executive, Crystal, The Beholder, The Evil Genius, Sweater Coat, Meatball and House Cat.

A bit of a nervous nelly, we found Mommie in a colony of cats in Queens. She had just given birth to a litter and once the kittens were old enough to move she took us right to them and we brought them all home. Sadly all the kittens were FIV+ and are no longer on this side of veil, there will be plenty about them here.

Mommie is also our sweet “house cat” because she’s come so far. She’s been with us 7 years and just about a month ago got in my lap for the first time on her own! More stories to come re: when she first moved in with us.

Mommie is the evil genius to Gallagher’s tortured genius, the Crystal to her Alexis… her nemesis.