About a month or so ago The Lady came home from walking Ernie and said she had seen a guy that looked just like David Cross at the dog run. The Lady and I are both huge fans of Arrested Development (one of Ernie’s many nicknames is Mother Boy). David Cross played Tobias Funke, the extremely closeted, struggling actor/psychologist on the genius series.

I ask The Lady “Do you think it was him?”. “Oh no” she says… never one to be shy “I walked right up to him and said ‘You must get this all the time. Does everyone say you that you look just like David Cross?’ His reply: ‘Finally, a celebrity that looks like me!'”. I pointed out that if I were David Cross, that’s exactly how I would answer that question too.

A few weeks later she’s making small talk at the dog run with another regular and they’re talking about celebrity dog run sightings (Parker Posey has been spotted with some regularity). She brings up the David Cross Look-a-Like and the dog run yenta confirms my suspicions, “That IS David Cross!”.

A few weeks ago (I’ve been meaning to post this for a while a now) The Lady sees David Cross again… as she’s walking by him she says “Ah, the David Cross Look-a-Like”. He shrugged and smiled.