Frequent readers (all one of you, and I use the word frequent very loosely) may have noted that I often refer to Ernie’s bed as “Ernie’s “bed” (pile of towels)” or “Ernie’s “office” (pile of towels)”. I’m a fan of nice things. I have several if not many nice things. A dog bed is not one of them. I really don’t think Ernie minds, plus he really prefers the clean laundry bag that I leave on the (Knoll) couch. While Ernie’s bed (pile of towels) is just that, it’s worth noting that they are Marimekko towels.

Today I was reading BARC’s blog and noticed a link to Bklyn Bunny. Not only a good looking site, but a hotline to extreme cuteness via a bunny webcam. And guess what, their bunny’s hutch (pile of towels) is also Marimekko.