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Ernie’s First Xmas!

Posted by on Dec 29 2006 | Tagged as: Dog, Ernie  

It’s been almost 6 months since Ernie joined the Home Zoo and this was his first xmas with us! He celebrated by putting on his best vintage bow-tie and accompanying us to our friends house for cheer, dinner, light growling, running around on the furniture, begging at the table, butt sniffing and an impressive show of his “yule log” that will not soon be forgotten!

He spent most of the time right where he is in the pic, beside The Lady on the couch, but he did mingle with the other dogs. He seemed very content and relaxed, when he wasn’t growling at Marcel, I mean protecting The Lady.

A Rare Occassion

Posted by on Dec 28 2006 | Tagged as: Mommie  

Mommie sat on my lap today!

She’s sat next to me with her front paws on my lap, kneaded on my lap and curled up next to me in bed but today she trotted up to me and got on my lap! This only the second time she’s done it and she’s lived with us for almost 8 years!

The best part was that The Lady came home and got to see her there, or she probably wouldn’t have believed me. I don’t think she’s ever sat on The Lady’s lap. The first and only other time she did it there were no witnesses.

You got your chocolate in my peanutbutter

Posted by on Dec 02 2006 | Tagged as: Ernie, Food  

I was shocked when I got home… I noticed some bits of paper or something in Ernie’s “office” (pile of towels). Upon closer inspection it seems the Shower Time Fruit Maurader not only snagged some mini Reeses cups from the counter, he took them back to his “office” (pile of towels) and actually unwrapped them with the startling precision usually achieved by opposable thumbs!

I’m still in awe, and of course a little bummed because I was really looking forward to having them. There were only two and I hardly ever eat that kind of thing any more. I can’t believe I now have to hide candy from my dog!

Fun with Doors

Posted by on Dec 01 2006 | Tagged as: Gallagher, Mommie, Mr. Littlehead  

The other morning I was awakened by a bit of a scuffle in my room. Gallagher, the smart one, had shut my bedroom door trapping Mommie & Littlehead in my room with her. Gallagher is the only cat who can figure out how to open and shut a door… the other two are useless.

I think Mommie and Littlehead would be trapped in a room indefinitely even if the door were ajar. I saw The Captain figure it out once, but Mommie never has… at least old Sherlock will paw at the door, even it if is ineffectually. Mommie jumps up beside the door and paces back and forth as if there’s something behind it that she may find. It also makes her wicked nervous… Gallagher was in heaven.

Eventually Gallagher got bored with watching her panic and opened the door, but she let it go on for a good 10 minutes and jumped down from her perch on the cable box to swat to her when she was her most vulnerable before the party was over.