Posts from November 2006

Hey Poindexter!

Posted by on Nov 09 2006 | Tagged as: Ernie  

Ernie gets a lot of adoration on the street, particularly from black men, but he’s an equal opportunity attention-getter. Just yesterday The Lady reported that someone yelled from a car “That dog is cute!”. A few blocks later a man on a bench in front of an over-priced hipster store said “Hey Poindexter!”.

Greetings from the Land of Spit-up!

Posted by on Nov 08 2006 | Tagged as: Ernie, Gallagher, Mr. Littlehead, The Zoo  

Three out of four pets spit-up yesterday! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. It started off with Ernie, I heard him clicking around at night. This is rare, he usually sleeps all night and will stay in bed with The Lady until she gets up. After a few minutes of clicking I heard the gagging, poor thing.

Within less than a half an hour The Captain flopped right next to my head and he had extremely loud gurgly stomach. Soon enough he was heaving and I had to hold him over the side of my bed like a drunken sailor out a cab window.

Fast forward to the morning. As I’m getting ready to shower Gallagher starts heaving while she’s sitting on the counter waiting for breakfast (very charming). The morning wouldn’t be complete without one more pre-breakfast round from The Captain. Everything seems to be back under control.