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Posted by on Jun 19 2007 | Filed Under: Mr. Littlehead  

The captain has had an ongoing semi-nasty ear wax situation. We’ve been taking him to the vet to get some squirts that have been drying it up.

I’ve noticed that his eyes look a little lop-sided. The one on the side with the waxy ear in particular. The pupil even seems a little fixed. I’m starting to wonder if he’s either lost or is loosing vision in it. I believe this is a possibility with diabetes, which he has.

We’ll have to have the vet look in to it this week when he goes in for his next squirt.

It’s Bikini Season!

Posted by on May 25 2007 | Filed Under: Mr. Littlehead  

And I’m happy to report that Littlehead is down to a svelte 18lbs, an all-time low!

Bravo, Captain!

Fun with Doors

Posted by on Dec 01 2006 | Filed Under: Gallagher, Mommie, Mr. Littlehead  

The other morning I was awakened by a bit of a scuffle in my room. Gallagher, the smart one, had shut my bedroom door trapping Mommie & Littlehead in my room with her. Gallagher is the only cat who can figure out how to open and shut a door… the other two are useless.

I think Mommie and Littlehead would be trapped in a room indefinitely even if the door were ajar. I saw The Captain figure it out once, but Mommie never has… at least old Sherlock will paw at the door, even it if is ineffectually. Mommie jumps up beside the door and paces back and forth as if there’s something behind it that she may find. It also makes her wicked nervous… Gallagher was in heaven.

Eventually Gallagher got bored with watching her panic and opened the door, but she let it go on for a good 10 minutes and jumped down from her perch on the cable box to swat to her when she was her most vulnerable before the party was over.

Greetings from the Land of Spit-up!

Posted by on Nov 08 2006 | Filed Under: Ernie, Gallagher, Mr. Littlehead, The Zoo  

Three out of four pets spit-up yesterday! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. It started off with Ernie, I heard him clicking around at night. This is rare, he usually sleeps all night and will stay in bed with The Lady until she gets up. After a few minutes of clicking I heard the gagging, poor thing.

Within less than a half an hour The Captain flopped right next to my head and he had extremely loud gurgly stomach. Soon enough he was heaving and I had to hold him over the side of my bed like a drunken sailor out a cab window.

Fast forward to the morning. As I’m getting ready to shower Gallagher starts heaving while she’s sitting on the counter waiting for breakfast (very charming). The morning wouldn’t be complete without one more pre-breakfast round from The Captain. Everything seems to be back under control.

Lack of Teeth

Posted by on Oct 19 2006 | Filed Under: Mr. Littlehead  

The Captain has been drooling a bit lately, usually the sign that some dental work is needed ($$). As it turns out, his drooling is due to lack of teeth! He’s a little light on the lower teeth so when he starts purring there’s not much of a drool barrier. In other news, he’s dropped a few pounds and is now in the high teens as opposed to the low 20s. Bravo Captain!

Shitty Morning

Posted by on Sep 25 2006 | Filed Under: Doodie, Mr. Littlehead  

In an uncharacteristic move, The Captain took a dump on the floor this morning. The litterbox was 2 days “overdue” and occasionally under the same circumstances when there has been a rogue turd on the floor it’s been close to the box.

He actually looked at me while he was doing it and did it right in the middle of the living room… right in the foot path! I was kind of proud!! No messing around with an ambivalent turd near the box when no one is looking, “Change the damn litter!”.