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1 Year Anniversary!

Posted by on Jul 10 2007 | Filed Under: Dog, Ernie, The Zoo  

Today is Ernie’s 1 year anniversary with us!

As I type he and The Lady are out on the town, no doubt marking all the way up and down Avenue A. I know there’s a new spiral in his future and perhaps some cheese too!

I remember the first time he stepped foot in the apartment, he did what he does the first time he goes anywhere… he made a mad dash around the perimeter of the apartment.

Item number 2 on the agenda was to jump on The Lady’s bed and do what we call “the charm routine” (rolling & snorting with some light growling). He had us at that first charm routine.

The Drunk Whisperer

Posted by on May 25 2007 | Filed Under: Dog, The Zoo  

A couple of weeks ago I was awakened by a lot of barking. This is unusual as Ernie usually only gives a woof or two at a drunk stumbling up or down the stairs. When the barking wasn’t stopping I got up to hear the door knob jiggling. I put on my best scary voice and yelled “Who’s out there?”… a meek little voice answered “Mary”.

I looked out the peephole to see a really drunk girl with her head on the door trying to shove in a key. “You’ve got the wrong apartment” I say. “No I don’t” answers Drunk Mary. I tried again to persuade her that she had the wrong apartment. She wandered downstairs but I didn’t hear the front door open and close.

About 20 minutes later Drunk Mary was back… we repeated the same scenario. This happened 2 or 3 more times with about a half an hour or so in between failed attempts. As one can imagine, each time Drunk Mary came back, I was less and less “pleasant” about dissuading her from her stubborn and misguided attempts to get into my apartment.

The next time our hapless intruder came back I asked The Lady to handle it. As it turns out, The Lady is the Drunk Whisperer! She calmly and assertively said “Hi, please go away” and just like that Drunk Mary was on her way. It was just like watching the unruly dog suddenly walk nicely on the leash.

He’s one of Us

Posted by on Apr 24 2007 | Filed Under: Cats, Dog, Ernie  

It’s finally happened, Ernie lost one of his fangs. All of the cats are missing a fang, and lord knows The Lady and I have had our share of missing fangs through the years. As a matter of fact, I just got a gold crown a few weeks ago!

Last night I noticed that one side of Ernie’s face was swollen below his eye. I thought it might have been a bug bite or sting so I stopped by the vet’s office after our walk. Turned out to be two rotten teeth and an infection. We knew one of his fangs was bad, and the vet advised us just to keep an eye on it as might fall out on it’s own. No such luck for Ernie!

My Name is Ernie…

Posted by on Mar 26 2007 | Filed Under: Dog  

Thanks to flickr, bubblr and some other dog named Ernie I was able to create a droll philosophical comic strip where dogs ponder the existence of other dogs (or not).

My Name is Ernie by superterrific

Georgie needs a home

Posted by on Feb 06 2007 | Filed Under: Dog  

If the Home Zoo had an opening for another dog, Georgie would be the perfect candidate! A cute, sweet short-legged mix breed who likes his biscuits and wants to go to be early. I think I’m in love! Alas, we’re at full capacity here ye olde Home Zoo.

But perhaps our loyal readership, which soars in the low single digits, may be interested or know someone who is.

At any rate, check Georgie out and spread the word!

Pile of Towels

Posted by on Jan 15 2007 | Filed Under: Dog, Ernie, The Zoo  

Frequent readers (all one of you, and I use the word frequent very loosely) may have noted that I often refer to Ernie’s bed as “Ernie’s “bed” (pile of towels)” or “Ernie’s “office” (pile of towels)”. I’m a fan of nice things. I have several if not many nice things. A dog bed is not one of them. I really don’t think Ernie minds, plus he really prefers the clean laundry bag that I leave on the (Knoll) couch. While Ernie’s bed (pile of towels) is just that, it’s worth noting that they are Marimekko towels.

Today I was reading BARC’s blog and noticed a link to Bklyn Bunny. Not only a good looking site, but a hotline to extreme cuteness via a bunny webcam. And guess what, their bunny’s hutch (pile of towels) is also Marimekko.

Ernie’s First Xmas!

Posted by on Dec 29 2006 | Filed Under: Dog, Ernie  

It’s been almost 6 months since Ernie joined the Home Zoo and this was his first xmas with us! He celebrated by putting on his best vintage bow-tie and accompanying us to our friends house for cheer, dinner, light growling, running around on the furniture, begging at the table, butt sniffing and an impressive show of his “yule log” that will not soon be forgotten!

He spent most of the time right where he is in the pic, beside The Lady on the couch, but he did mingle with the other dogs. He seemed very content and relaxed, when he wasn’t growling at Marcel, I mean protecting The Lady.

The Weekender

Posted by on Oct 22 2006 | Filed Under: Dog, Ernie, The Zoo  

This weekend at Camp Home Zoo we hosted one large barky Larry Fleisher. He’s an extremely sweet boy. He really just wants to be one of the gang. In his own words, “Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof wooooofffffffff.”

Larry barks when anyone puts on shoes or a coat (we’re going out!), whenever any of the cats make an appearance (what’s that?), any time something audible happens outside the door (can we go out??) and from the moment we woke up until he was walking out the door (we’re going OUT!).

Other highlights include: he’s big enough to stand by my bed and lick my face, he did this randomly throughout the night and in the morning when it was time to go out (!!), he likes to eat pizza crust on the street, he seemed to have eaten a tampon and threw it up in the middle of the night (he didn’t get it from inside the apartment) and the only thing he did at the dog run was bark at The Lady!

He really is a very sweet boy, and he responds very well to commands (something our little Ernie could use some work on). Aunt Beerly will miss him tomorrow when he goes back home… and Aunt Beerly now has a new found appreciation for Ernie, who is a quarter of his size and an eighth as loud.

Just like Dad’s house

Posted by on Oct 16 2006 | Filed Under: Dog, Ernie, Rundown Acres  

Like most dogs, Ernie smells like a dog. It’s been awhile since he’s had a bath so he currently REALLY smells like a dog. Every time I kiss his head, my lower brain stem reaction is “he smells just like Dad’s old house”.

One of the nicknames for my Dad’s old house was Rundown Acres. It was an old farm house with uneven floors, ratty carpet, resident wasps in of all the upstairs rooms and some of the biggest spiders I have ever seen.

He always had a variety of dogs and cats in and out of the house. There was a “housekeeper” he called Bird Legs, a very nice lady that came over every couple of weeks to do the laundry only, but other than I don’t remember ever seeing any cleaning take place. One summer the place was infested with fleas. My mom was completely mortified when Beerly Sr. dropped me off after a several week visit covered head to toe in flea bites.

There are also many fond Home Zoo childhood memories of Rundown Acres. There was the time that all the cats gave birth around the same time so there were at least 20 kittens, my favorite childhood dog Duchess, and a slew of other great cats and dogs… one stinky sniff of Ernie brings it all right back. As a kid I knew Rundown was stinky, but I didn’t really know why. It’s always satisfying when a childhood mystery is solved.

Camp Home Zoo

Posted by on Oct 10 2006 | Filed Under: Dog, Ernie, The Zoo  

We’re going to have a weekend guest at the Home Zoo, one large barky Larry Fleisher! He’s very sweet and he and Ernie seem to get along but Larry is usually very focused on Julian, his human companion.

Coincidentally Larry will be guesting at the HZ the same weekend as the Halloween Parade. The Lady will be dressing up Ernie up as a unicorn… looks like we’ll be taking two unicorns to the parade.

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