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The Case of the Missing Tomato

Posted by on Jun 06 2007 | Filed Under: Ernie, Food  

“Did you eat my tomato?” asked The Lady. “No”, I said with a little attitude “Why?”. “It’s missing.” she replied. “Are you sure YOU didn’t eat it?” I asked back. “No, I bought two.”

This fascinating discussion went on for a few more sentences. I suggested that she look in Ernie’s “office” (pile of towels) given his history as Fruit Marauder (and that a tomato is technically a fruit, as The know-it-all Lady handily pointed out like a 12 year old teacher’s pet).

No sign of the missing tomato in the “office” (pile of towels). Later that day I received an email from The Lady reporting that she found the remaining seeds in the “office” (pile of towels). Case solved.

You got your chocolate in my peanutbutter

Posted by on Dec 02 2006 | Filed Under: Ernie, Food  

I was shocked when I got home… I noticed some bits of paper or something in Ernie’s “office” (pile of towels). Upon closer inspection it seems the Shower Time Fruit Maurader not only snagged some mini Reeses cups from the counter, he took them back to his “office” (pile of towels) and actually unwrapped them with the startling precision usually achieved by opposable thumbs!

I’m still in awe, and of course a little bummed because I was really looking forward to having them. There were only two and I hardly ever eat that kind of thing any more. I can’t believe I now have to hide candy from my dog!

Shower Time Fruit Marauder

Posted by on Oct 30 2006 | Filed Under: Ernie, Food  

About a week ago I bought myself a nice looking pear. I wanted to let it sit a couple of days to ripen up. I came home from work and noticed something weird on the counter, it was my pear… or what was left of it. I pointed it out to The Lady and she said she heard a scuffle when she was in the shower.

During todays shower, the Fruit Marauder sampled half of a MacIntosh apple and a bite of a yam. Being a good “cheap lady” as she puts it, The Lady cut off the bite marks and finished both.


Posted by on Oct 06 2006 | Filed Under: Ernie, Food, Nicknames  

Ernie recently acquired a new nickname, Cricket. He’s gotten more than a little whiny lately and a lot of the time his repetitive whining almost sounds like crickets. We’re starting to address it, mainly by The Lady not taking him out every time he whines, but there is an extra wrinkle. He also has been shaking a bit.

We think he had a horrible diet in his previous home and while he’s been on Wysong cat/dog food brown rice for about 2 months, his stool still isn’t where it should be, so we suspect our little Cricket has some gastrointestinal issues, which could be playing into the whining. His stomach is also pretty gurrgly… poor thing.