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Ernie’s First Xmas!

Posted by Beerly on Dec 29 2006 | Tagged as: Dog, Ernie  

It’s been almost 6 months since Ernie joined the Home Zoo and this was his first xmas with us! He celebrated by putting on his best vintage bow-tie and accompanying us to our friends house for cheer, dinner, light growling, running around on the furniture, begging at the table, butt sniffing and an impressive show of his “yule log” that will not soon be forgotten!

He spent most of the time right where he is in the pic, beside The Lady on the couch, but he did mingle with the other dogs. He seemed very content and relaxed, when he wasn’t growling at Marcel, I mean protecting The Lady.

A Rare Occassion

Posted by Beerly on Dec 28 2006 | Tagged as: Mommie  

You got your chocolate in my peanutbutter

Posted by Beerly on Dec 02 2006 | Tagged as: Ernie, Food  

Fun with Doors

Posted by Beerly on Dec 01 2006 | Tagged as: Mr. Littlehead, Mommie, Gallagher