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Posted by Beerly on Jun 19 2007 | Filed Under: Mr. Littlehead  

The captain has had an ongoing semi-nasty ear wax situation. We’ve been taking him to the vet to get some squirts that have been drying it up.

I’ve noticed that his eyes look a little lop-sided. The one on the side with the waxy ear in particular. The pupil even seems a little fixed. I’m starting to wonder if he’s either lost or is loosing vision in it. I believe this is a possibility with diabetes, which he has.

We’ll have to have the vet look in to it this week when he goes in for his next squirt.

It’s Bikini Season!

Posted by Beerly on May 25 2007 | Filed Under: Mr. Littlehead  

Fun with Doors

Posted by Beerly on Dec 01 2006 | Filed Under: Mr. Littlehead, Mommie, Gallagher  

Greetings from the Land of Spit-up!

Posted by Beerly on Nov 08 2006 | Filed Under: The Zoo, Mr. Littlehead, Gallagher, Ernie  

Lack of Teeth

Posted by Beerly on Oct 19 2006 | Filed Under: Mr. Littlehead  

Shitty Morning

Posted by Beerly on Sep 25 2006 | Filed Under: Mr. Littlehead, Doodie