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He’s one of Us

Posted by Beerly on Apr 24 2007 | Filed Under: Cats, Dog, Ernie  

It’s finally happened, Ernie lost one of his fangs. All of the cats are missing a fang, and lord knows The Lady and I have had our share of missing fangs through the years. As a matter of fact, I just got a gold crown a few weeks ago!

Last night I noticed that one side of Ernie’s face was swollen below his eye. I thought it might have been a bug bite or sting so I stopped by the vet’s office after our walk. Turned out to be two rotten teeth and an infection. We knew one of his fangs was bad, and the vet advised us just to keep an eye on it as might fall out on it’s own. No such luck for Ernie!

The Pretty One

Posted by Beerly on Oct 11 2006 | Filed Under: Cats, Gallagher, Nicknames  

Move along, nothing to see…

Posted by Beerly on Sep 24 2006 | Filed Under: Cats, Dog